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breakable chocolate heart with hammer
breakable heart chocolate
breakable chocolate heart with hammer
Valentines day breakable heart
breakable heart chocolate
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breakable chocolate heart with hammer
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Breakable chocolate heart | Model: I love you

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Breakable Chocolate Heart ⎟ Heart Chocolate ⎟Heart Gift ⎟
Smash-able Chocolate Heart

Wedding ⎟Birthday 

Model: I love you  ❤️

Each of these breakable hearts comes with its own mallet so you can unleash the goodies inside

Available phrases:




- Your initials. Ex. S & B

The heart is hollow, and you can add stuff underneath. All our products include a personalized card (you can write down the message that you want us to put on your card at checkout)


- Just the Heart: You'll receive the gift perfectly wrapped with the marshmallow or shredded paper for decoration and the mallet. The heart will be EMPTY, this option is ideal if you want to place something inside of the heart. (you can bring the item that you want to place inside or if the product is for shipping/delivery, you'll receive instructions on How to place your gift inside of the heart

Breakable heart & Chocolates: the heart is filled with a mix of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Hershey's mini chocolates, and  Chocolate luxury truffles. Love coupons are added for free. If you want any of the Love coupons available (Love, for him, and for her) please add this selection to the notes. 

- Breakable heart & Strawberries: the heart is filled with chocolates. Strawberries on the side with the same color scheme that you choose for the heart.

    - Breakable heart - Cake pops & Strawberries: our DELUXE set includes all the products listed above and 2 Cakesicles. 

    This Breakable Heart is 100% customizable, so you can choose the colors and the design that you want, if you don't see a model of a heart that you want, please CHAT LIVE WITH US, we will be happy to assist you. You can write the specifications on the box above the description. If we have any questions you will be contacted by mail after you place the order. 


    We also can add a gift card to the store of your preference, please let us know at the checkout and we will send you the instructions for this via E-mail.